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Naturist West Cumbria

Lakeland Outdoor Club's naturist site, is located near Millom on the West Cumbrian Coast. It has the Cumbrian fells as a backdrop, yet right next to a quiet beach.

Situated near the Lake District National Park, the secluded location gives it a relaxed, informal atmosphere, great for a quiet time camping or caravanning.

The Club welcomes all genuine naturists. Couples, families and singles (individual members).



The club is currently closed for the winter season.

Where nothing is everything

Lakeland Outdoor Club has a truly unique site located in an enviable location, situated in a fairly remote corner of West Cumbria, at Haverigg, near Millom. With fine views of the heather clad Black Combe and the Cumbrian fells. The site is only a few yards away from a wide, quiet beach, protected from view by a thin line of sand dunes.

General view with caravans at Lakeland Outdoor Club naturist site

The main attraction for many is not only the beauty of the place and the beach nearby, but also the sense of peace and tranquillity; a relaxing atmosphere where you can just sit back and chill out.

The site is used by Club members for camping caravanning. Being on a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), we are not allowed to install any facilities, and in a sense, it's just a field used by naturists. The lack of facilities is not a problem though if you come prepared.

There is plenty of space and no trees to shade, so you can get full sun all day long. As the evening sun fades over Black Combe, after a hard day's rest, we have had some spectacular sunsets over the Irish Sea.

A naturist club for those who don't like clubs

Beautiful wild flowers at Lakeland Outdoor Club naturist site

Lakeland Outdoor Club is very different to other landed naturist clubs. We just like to be somewhere we can relax and be naturists without hassle. Some naturists don't want to join a landed club, with all the obligations that entails.

It might not be everybody's cup of tea. Many like the traditional landed clubs and all they have to offer, and that's fine. We prefer the beautiful scenery, the beach, and the peace and quiet.