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Summary of Lakeland Outdoor AGM on 7th July 2018

The meeting opened with a reminder to members to take care on the track and to be on the lookout for toads.

Marion the Secretary in her report said it was good news all round with Spagger for their support and the need to respect their time when issues arose with the track and fence etc.

Treasurer, Website and BN reports were read by the Secretary in Brian's absence and were accepted with thanks

There was no Conservation report as Joan Thompson had not been on site this year and was stepping down from the post along with Jon Thompson. Marion thanked them for all their hard work over the past years on behalf of the Club and members showed their appreciation.


Membership fees to remain the same

Marion updated the situation on the nails, members must stay vigilant.

Marion raised the subject of Club rules and it was agreed all members be sent a copy.

After several complaints from members, several issues were brought to members' attention.
1. Leaving caravans unattended, this is not encouraged but if members have to leave caravans please let Russ know, turn off the gas and any appliances.
2. Do not park caravans too close, leave a good space between vans. This is an health and safety issue mainly for in the event of fire.
3. Cigarette ends should be disposed of in an ash tray not stubbed out on the grass or emptied onto the camping area.
4. Chemical toilets are to be emptied over the dunes at the back of the camping area or taken to the Rugby Club. No holes to bury toilet contents are to be dug on the camping area.

Complaints regarding the bikers coming onto site have now been dealt with as we have a contact number via Steve McMullen for the organiser of the meetings.

Members requested a copy of the Constitution sent along with the Club Rules be sent to every member

Jackie is to look into a Winter weekend.

£80 to be donated to the Rugby Club

No further news about the Coastal Path mentioned in last year's minutes.

Date of 2019 AGM Saturday 29th June 2019 at 1.00 p.m.

Further note not mentioned at the meeting but became an issue on site after the AGM

Will members please not go onto the beach without something to cover up if walkers approach along the beach. It is not a Naturist Beach and we want to avoid any confrontation with the Council and passers-by. Thank you